Here is also 28 million to bet on Coulibaly

Money money money money, money money, Deniro. there Juventus Puts a twenty million euro cash round + 8 million bonus + a (maybe also in this case) an additional amount to be determined within a few years (percentage of subsequent resale). At the same time, Juventusciaone‘in the title fun admiralretrieved yesterday byAtalanta. The strong – because it’s not uncommon anyway – the Turkish defender at Juventus has never really managed to make the right feel. […] Atalanta will consider whether to keep it or – in all likelihood – sell it: there are many proposals from Premier League. Juventus is cheering for the sale because it will collect a percentage and at the same time, for its part, is evaluating the best way to invest the lost amount.

The most reasonable option – given the need to replace at least Giorgio Chiellini – is to focus on another major absolute role: Kalidou CoulibalyNaples. So far, the player has not expressed his desire to renew the contract, which expires in a year. Push and pull continues with De Laurentiis, which begins to see the risk of losing the player on a free transfer within 12 months. Perhaps it is also better to think about the separation that at least brings money. Napoli is asking for 40 million, at the moment. The oxygen that reaches Juve’s coffers from Demiral’s recovery is used to restructure the underdeveloped division, which in any case is preparing to face a phase of deep renewal.

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De Ligt, Demiral, Koulibaly: The great ball for Juventus' defense

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De Ligt, Demiral, Koulibaly: The great ball for Juventus’ defense

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