Hogwarts Legacy, a funny insect video featured by Avalanche – Nerd4.life

Hogwarts Legacy It will show us in a large and multifaceted open world full of magical and mysterious creatures, and so it was inevitable during the evolution, an insect like the one shown in video less.

Seeing the character keep moving as if they were taking damage and then make the trip, literally, inspired someone to play themed music to joke about, community manager Chandler Wood revealed. After all, this isn’t the first time this has happened.

“Game development is hard work, but we’re trying to make it fun,” Chandler wrote accompanying the post, trying between the lines to convey the commitment and pressure the team is currently under, as Hogwarts Legacy exits this fall.

The flaw They generally appear in the refinement phase of the experience, and consist of long, in-depth gameplay over a near-complete system, but should be cleaned up in light of the launch to avoid problems.

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