How do you sleep well How do you sleep? The Three Techniques to Remember and the Three Mistakes to Avoid

There are positive and negative attitudes related to sleep. Let’s see the 3 methods that allow you to sleep well and 3 mistakes that you should avoid completely.

Sleep well It is definitely an important factor affecting our daily life. This is because restful, restful sleep allows the brain a few hours of rest. This is to be active and meticulous when the individual is called to his daily activities. However, sleep is not always satisfactory, which leaves heavy traces in the wake of the day.


There are many reasons that can lead to insufficient sleep. From stress and beyond, many factors can influence a truly crucial stage. Some experts define it as one basic stage of our existence. In short, achieving a calm, balanced sleep should be the priority.

This stage was so important that it was He also set aside a day of sleep. This made it possible to say goodbye to coffee to make room for definitely healthier alternatives. However, as we all know, it is not always possible to get enough sleep. There are techniques that must be adapted but also mistakes that must not be made. Let’s go and see together what it is.

Sleep Good Sleep Techniques: But Beware These Mistakes

interview from Prophetprofessor Piero Barbanti From the San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Rome he made some points about sleeping well. In the first place, the professor talks about the good Habits represented by standard pheasant. Between day and night, in fact, there is evening which must be seen as an element of “Pressure reliefRelaxed by the thoughts but also by the atmosphere in the room. Or another method is to keep the room temperature at 18 degrees, even in winter. Finally, using classical music or a 41 degree bathroom when it is not hot is a great way to help to sleep.

For errors, the starting point is determined by linking with an extensionpower supply. The professor points out, in fact, that eating a plentiful, excessive, high-fat or alcoholic dinner. A small arc for coffee which is a very heavy drink to digest. The professor advises never to take it after 3 pm and not to exceed two units.

Another mistake is usually Smartphone in bed. Professor Barbanti explains how the device’s light sends a signal to the brain to give the feeling that you are still in broad daylight. Because of this, difficulties arise in falling asleep. The flip side is that, unlike a TV, a smartphone is interactive. This results in you being constantly on the job. The professor defines itThe worst that can happen to sleep“.

Therefore, we limit these errors to allow for full sleep. Such as professorIn fact, insufficient sleep leads to Archaeology. Like poor focus. But not sleeping well also affects the range Myself, which may lead to depression. Ultimately, lack of sleep can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes more easily.

The information in this article is for informational purposes only. They do not claim to replace medical advice or the advice of their specialist. Nor do they go in the direction of replacing implemented treatment plans.

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