How to check if it’s fat or water retention and how to act

Understanding whether our rolls are caused by fat or water retention is very important in order to function effectively. The way to get rid of annoying impurities is almost the same, that is, it requires physical activity, a balanced and balanced diet and the consumption of water that helps digestion and elimination.

What is fat in our bodies?

Fat is an unexpressed energy reserve that is kept as a kind of deposit by our body. Often the reason for its formation is due to excessive accumulation in food, but genetic factors that affect hormones can also play. Fat cells swell as a result of the continuous and prolonged absorption of fatty foods and remain trapped in this storage area under the skin.

For women, the storage areas are the hips, abdomen, lower back, and the area behind the knees. As for men, fat is mostly deposited in the abdomen and in the so-called “love handles”. The way to get rid of skin fat is to do a demanding and regular physical activity to tighten the tissues and eliminate fat cells, even through sweat. To promote exclusion, it is also necessary to drink plenty of water and balance the diet to a fat-free one. Not quite but almost: at least in the diet phase.

What is water retention?

Water retention is a phenomenon that occurs when the lymphatic circulation is not working at its full potential. Basically, it happens that the fluids have to rise to the top but get stuck on the hips and thighs (for women) making them look big and inflamed. The mass affects the whole organism because it gives a feeling of fatigue and heaviness in the lower extremities.

The main cause of this imbalance is an imbalance in the intake of two minerals: sodium and potassium. When we consume a lot of sodium, for example because we consume a lot of salty foods, the body – for the sake of balance – retains more water than it should. Water retention also causes cellulite in women and this annoying blemish also called orange peel skin.

Also in this case, many factors play a role and the causes are not always due to a lack of physical activity and diet, sometimes it is just a genetic problem that does not favor the lymphatic circulation. In addition to the usual advice on balanced nutrition, sports and water intake, in this case also an aesthetic intervention is necessary.

Fat or water retention: How do I recognize them?

At this point it will be easy to distinguish between fat retention problems or water retention. The first develops more in the central part of the body. The second is almost absent in men while in women it develops in the legs. Salt is an ingredient that must be controlled and limited in culinary use. We learn to decorate dishes with new flavors through a mixture of spices and aromatic herbs to reduce the use of salt. Finally, we drink plenty of water and exercise.

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