“I have myeloma, I’m going to fight off stage”

The pianist announces his illness and the decision to take a break on social media

To give the sad news, the pianist chose to post a short social note by posting a photo of his hands writing the word “myeloma” on the score. “My greatest feeling is the thought of causing pain to my family and all the people who follow me affectionately. I have always fought my inner dragons with you in coordination, thanks to the music. This time forgive me, I will do it away from the stage,” Alivi wrote via social media, as informing his followers His decision to take a break. The post closes with a sepranza message, #tornopresto is the hashtag he uses.

In June 2017, the composer underwent an emergency operation on June 29 due to a severe retinal detachment during a concert on his Japan tour. On that occasion he continued to play which exacerbated the situation, as he himself later said that he also had confidence in the visual field reduction which does not allow him to see his left hand while playing.

This time, Allefe chose to cancel the Estasi 2022 summer tour in order to put all her energy into dealing with the illness. The support of the masses will not be lacking.

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