Lorella Kucarini returns to Amici

Lorella Kucarini returns to Amici

Lorella Kocarini

Lorella Kocarini Makes tic tac toe. She will be one Showgirl for the third year professor from school Maria de Filippi’s friends. An unsurprising confirmation comes directly from the person concerned.

Amici 22 and Rapunzel Laurella Kucarini

It’s such a beautiful experience that I didn’t want to interrupt it. Among the boys, I see a lot of talent and a desire to do this. I think I’ll probably continue as a singing master

He said during the presentation of theatrical renewed commitment. Lorella, in fact, is back in business with Rapunzel – The Musicalwhich is the work that made her step into a role bad.

The show reappears on stage among the new season titles of Brancaccio Theatre In Rome, where it will be billed for all Christmas holidays, from December 2 to January 8, it will also stop at the National in Milan. Next season will also see another hugely popular TV face, Barbara Dorso, return to the stage.

Lorella Kocarini in the theater

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