“Lukaku? He wants to come back to Inter for a reason!”

Francesco Totti Speak into microphones Sky Sports On the question of returning to Italy, inInterFrom Romelu Lukaku:

I didn’t expect Lukaku’s returnI thought he’d choose another club. If you want to go back toInter That’s because he was so good, he won and He wants to keep winning. Respected choice, welcome toInter. He moves a lot in Italy, it is embarrassing on a physical level, no one knows who he will play with. Simon will be happy irritable Who will have this extra player“.

Negotiation for return lukaku fast betweenInter and the Chelseawith the absolute Belgian protagonist of the operation.

Lukaku Inter Chelsea

For months, bypassing the company and the attorney general, lukaku Compresses to cover, one year later, a shirtInter.

It appears that Marotta has reached an agreement with the English club for the first year of his exhausting loan 10 million euros.

irritable Already predict what a brilliant attack will be, if all goes according to plan, with confirmation Lautaroaround her Big room And from Paulo Dybala.

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