Men and women, Matteo Ranieri and Valeria Cardone in crisis? “He walks us as he did Sophie…”

Some reports have cast doubt on the bred relationship of man and woman between ex-Tronesta Matteo and ex-fiancé Valeria.

On the 31st of last March, Matthew Ranieri former suitor Sophie CodegoniAnd his throne ended men and women The choice of the 26-year-old bell, Valeria Cardone. After a few weeks of bravery, as evidenced by the various photos and dedications, today, between the two boys, things don’t seem to be going as expected.

Men and women, Matteo Ranieri and Valeria Cardone in crisis? “He walks us as he did Sophie…”

influencer Dianera MarzanoShare several reports from users that talked about Ongoing crisisdue to the increasingly rare occasions that the two former champions of the dating show find themselves together.

Matthew He left for a long vacation with his family in England which would keep him away from Italy for a month. Then the ex-Tronista pointed out that he wasn’t there for his birthday valeria who celebrates his twenty-sixth birthday today.

Dianera Marzano Has published a new report that will confirm the lack of interest in Matthew To the former suitor:

“I know her very well and she is very good as a girl. He walks us along like he tried to do with Sophie too. Not to make a bad impression, he kept deluding fans that something was up but it’s already over. Believe me! And again: “He left in the carriage to England and he will be out for the whole month. They’ve ignored each other for so long and seen each other very few times and always if she’s the one on the train.”

Marzano wrote, “Mattio and Valeria can’t be together every day, but there are so many messages that build up at a distance even when you’re together. It just feels like a little caring.”

“This is the classic family holiday that we do once a year together – Matteo announced recently before he left – we chose this year to go to Ireland. Basically we go to the wedding in Manchester or rather before Liverpool where my mum is from there and then we go to Ireland”.

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