Men and women, new love for Riccardo Guarnieri? This is who it will be

Ricardo Guarnieri He will have a new love. It was in order to detect indiscretion Amedeo Fenza Reached by some reports from his followers.

Ricardo He was caught with a brunette girl walking the streets of Bari. Then someone referred to him with the profile of the girl who was going to spend a few days in Naples with Ricardo:

Do you remember the report Ricardo With a girl from Barry? I pointed out that the girl who was with him a few weeks ago posted these stories on vacation in Naples and in the picture with them it looks fine Ricardo. We are waiting for confirmation or rejection.

Ricardo He was again the protagonist of the last season of men and women. For the thousandth time, there have been many comparisons Between him and Ida Platano But, again, there was no way to find a meeting point.

story with IdaTherefore, it appears that it has also been officially archived in light of recent reports regarding it. He’s clearly never posted anything that could suggest he might be present away from the cameras. From the circumstances reported on social media, it seems clear that in the life of Ricardo Perhaps a new mysterious love has arrived. We just have to wait to find out more.

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