Mobile offers offer everything (or almost everything) for 10 euros per month: here are the new discounts for operators

However, the traditional operators reduced the minutes included (-4.3%) but increased the SMS provided (+23.7%). They are more traditional customers. Virtual machines increase gigabytes while maintaining stable prices, which have already been reduced. On average, in fact, MVNOs offer 92 GB per month (+46%) at a cost of €8.32 (-1%).

“Compared to last year, the average price suggested by virtual operators includes practically the same price but with approximately 30 GB more per month. Regarding minutes and SMS, on the other hand, the average package proposed by MVNO operators It consists of 2,725 minutes (+ 10.8%) and 1,489 SMS (-13.7%), according to

Some promotions

These will already be enough for us to understand whether we should change the launcher and whether we prefer a default or traditional operator. If we spend more than 15 euros per month, we are likely to move on to the competition, especially if we are already with a virtual competition or with Iliad. For those who leave these managers, in fact, the traditional operators enjoy very strong promotions.

Here are some examples from operator connections: Tim Wonder Six has unlimited minutes, 100GB, for €9.99 per month. The only drawback, there is no 5G. If 70 GB is enough, you can go down to 7.99 euros with Tim Wonder Five. Vodafone Special 100 Digital Edition has unlimited minutes and texts and 100 GB for 9.99 € per month. Again, 5G is missing, which at the moment these two operators reserve for those who are willing to spend a little less.

Wind 3 instead puts unlimited minutes, 200 SMS, 50 GB in 5G (Di Più Lite offer) for 12.99 euros per month. These are just a few examples. The operators are always producing new promotions aimed at those who leave the Iliad or the virtual; Details may also vary from week to week. Finally, this type of offer can only be activated online or in select stores.

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