Negotiations at the end of August after our counterattack

115th day of war in UkraineToday, June 18, real-time updates from the conflict. More fighting in the Donbass, while Putin delivers a speech to strike at the West: “With the apocalypse dominated by the United States, sanctions against us did not work.” Kyiv speculates that talks with Moscow will resume “at the end of August”. Zelensky meets British Prime Minister Johnson: “Plan to train up to 10,000 soldiers every 120 days”. Von der Leyen: “Today we have adopted the recommendation to the Council to give Ukraine a European perspective and to put in place a candidate for admission to the Union.” Gas, emergency table called after Eni’s warning: “Gazprom cuts required supplies by 50%.” Ukraine, UN: 4,509 civilians killed and 5,585 injured since the start of the war

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Moscow: “Weapons to Ukraine will return to Europe smuggled”

“Europe must realize that the weapons it sends to Ukraine will be returned to it through the black market, because Zelensky no longer controls anything, and military operations are run by military advisers, especially the British,” the ministry spokeswoman said. Russian Foreign Ministry official Maria Zakharova, in an interview with Sky News Arabia. “Zelensky plays only the role of the president and spends the day in front of the cameras and recording videos,” the Ukrainian president’s spokesman added. “Kyiv stopped the negotiations without responding (…) to the solutions proposed by Moscow to get out of the crisis,” she added.

Ukraine, UN: 4,509 civilians killed and 5,585 injured since the start of the war

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has been able to confirm 4,509 people have been killed and 5,585 civilians injured in Ukraine since the start of the war with Russia. According to the United Nations, at least 294 children were killed and 463 injured. These figures, which record the largest number of casualties in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, were updated as of June 16. However, the UN notes that the true numbers are much higher, “because information from some places where intense hostilities are taking place has been delayed and because many reports of civilian casualties have not yet been confirmed”. This applies to the settlements of Mariupol (Donetsk Oblast), Izyum (Kharkiv Oblast) and Popasna (Luhansk Oblast), “where, according to reports, many civilians were killed and wounded.” The United Nations added that most of the civilian casualties were caused by the use of explosive weapons, including heavy artillery shelling and multiple rocket launchers, as well as rockets and air strikes.

Ukrainian war, Kyiv: 323 children killed and 583 wounded since the start of the war

323 children have been killed in Ukraine since the Russian invasion of the country. 583 wounded. This was announced by the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office, explaining that the largest number of victims was recorded in the Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kiev and Chernihiv regions. The bombing of Ukrainian towns and villages by the Russian armed forces – the note adds – damaged 2,028 educational institutions, of which 209 were completely destroyed.

Ukraine, Mayor of Severodonetsk: a silent “evacuation” is “underway”

“The situation in Severodonetsk is complicated, but it is under control. The enemy is trying to attack the city from different directions and has been pushed back. A “silent” evacuation of civilians is underway from Lyschansk. That is, people who want to leave communicate with the administration intending to evacuate without advertising and gatherings. This was written by the mayor of Severodonetsk Oleksandr Stryuk.

Ukraine Lost American Warrior Alive Family Online Video

The family said, citing a video clip posted on the Internet, that the missing American veteran in Ukraine, where he went to fight alongside the Kyiv forces, to train the Ukrainian army in the use of weapons sent by the United States, is still alive. Alexander Drewic has been missing for days. It was located near Kharkiv. In a video, he turns to his mother to tell her that he will be home “as soon as possible”. The video was released after Russia’s RT announced that Drueke along with another American, former Marine Andy Tai Huynh, had surrendered to Russian forces.

Kyiv predicts the resumption of talks with Moscow “end of August”

And the Ukrainian chief negotiator, David Arachhamia, assumed the resumption of talks with Moscow “at the end of August”, from a “stronger position”, after a counterattack by Kyiv forces. “We don’t want to share our plans with the Russians…but I think we will counterattack in some places,” he said in an interview with Voice of America launched by Okranska Pravda.

Ukraine, GB: “Renewed Russian efforts to advance in Donbass”

“In the past 48 hours, Russia may have renewed its efforts to advance south of Izyum, with the aim of advancing deep into the Donetsk region and encircling the Severodonetsk region from the north.” It is the latest updated bulletin from British 007 regarding the situation on the ground in Ukraine.

Olena Zelenska: “I feel like I’m in a parallel reality”

“When you see their crimes, maybe they are really capable of anything,” Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska said in response to a question from the Guardian about her being Russia’s second target. “I have a feeling that I am in a parallel reality,” he said.

Ukraine and the Russians attacked the Kremenchug oil refinery

The Kremenchug oil refinery southeast of Kyiv was hit by Russian missiles at night, and it is not yet known whether there were casualties; This was stated by the head of the Poltava Regional Military Administration Dmytro Lunin, reported by Ukrinform. “Kremenchug is under attack again. Six to eight Russian missiles hit the refinery and other infrastructure,” Lunin said, urging residents to stay in shelters.

Russian soldiers still fighting in Lugansk, and returned to Severodonetsk

The Russian army is attacking the positions of Ukrainian forces and civilian infrastructure near Lyschansk, Metulkino, Ustenivka and Voronov in Lugansk with artillery and missiles. In Severodonetsk, military units from Moscow tried to carry out offensive operations outside the city, but were rebuffed, according to the latest report of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces citing Ukrenform. Air raids were carried out in the Sirutin and Borevsky districts of the Lugansk region.

The war in Ukraine, at night Russian missiles were shot down over Odessa by anti-aircraft

During the night, the Odessa region was attacked by the Russian army with cruise missiles, and the missiles were shot down by Ukrainian anti-aircraft guns, the Kyiv Southern Operations Command reported, citing UNIAN. “Two Onyx missiles launched from the coastal complex in the occupied territory of Crimea were destroyed by the air defense unit,” the command’s note states.

For Moscow, “Ukraine with its former borders no longer exists.”

“Ukraine, which we knew within those borders, is gone. It will not be. It is clear. Those borders are gone,” a Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said. Maria Zakharova In an interview with Sky News Arabia, reported by RIA Novosti.

Zelensky: “We are a step towards full integration into the European Union”

“We are now a step forward in full integration with the European Union. We have a positive result from the European Commission on Ukraine’s candidacy. This is a historic milestone for all those who work for our country.” The Ukrainian president said that Volodymyr ZelenskyIn his speech last night on the telegram. bring it back UNIAN. He added that “Ukrainian values ​​are European values ​​- and – he added – Ukrainian institutions remain resilient even in times of war. Ukrainian democratic customs remain strong and our rapprochement with the European Union is not only positive for us, but is the biggest contribution. To Europe’s future in many years!”

Gas, price + 43% in one week with discounts Russia

cuts in supplies Gas From Russia to Europe it raised methane prices by 43% in one week, from 82.5 to 117.74 euros. The balance could have been even heavier if Amsterdam futures had not lost 5.3% after a very volatile day on recession fears. “Stocks are filling up at a good pace (at 52%, editor) but there was a sudden change this week,” he said. Bloomberg Warren Patterson By Ing, he identified a 60% reduction in flows from Nord Stream as “significant”. Russia’s move could put Europe in trouble, hampering the accumulation of reserves and causing prices to rise.

Johnson to Zelensky: “We are working on the release of Ukrainian wheat”

“We will work together to free the Ukrainian wheat hostage,” he added put it in This deprives the people of the world of the food they need.” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said during a press conference in Kyiv with the President. Volodymyr Zelensky Held yesterday afternoon. And the Prime Minister confirmed in his second sudden visit to the Ukrainian capital since the beginning of the Russian invasion London It will continue to provide weapons and training to Ukrainian forces “so that they can drive the aggressor” out of the country.

Chinese President Xi: “Great cooperation with Russia, it will be even better in the future”

Chinese President Xi Jinping Yesterday he spoke via video link at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, where he declared that “Sino-Russian cooperation is increasing” and showing good momentum in all areas. “Trade with China is expected to reach new highs in the coming months, which indicates the great cooperation between our two countries,” Xi said. Vladimir put it in He commented that Russia’s close relations with China were not related to “recent geopolitical events.”

Braying gas supply, midweek dream evaluation

The Nice He will assess the state of gas supplies in the middle of next week. This was confirmed by sources in the ministry, noting that the Gas Emergency Committee monitors what is happening on a daily basis and meets periodically, and in any case, a law recently approved by the Council of Ministers states that the minister has direct powers to interfere in any procedures. To be taken, without having to wait for passage from the commission. However, it is still certain that in the middle of next week Minister Singolani He will assess the situation with the committee.

Putin’s speech: “The United States believes it is the center of the world, their era is over”

The European Commission in favor of Ukraine’s candidacy for membership in the European Union

“There is still important work to be done, on the rule of law, oligarchy, anti-corruption and rights Basic. The process will be based on merit, so the progress will depend entirely on Ukraine ”: explained the President of the European Union Commission, Ursula phone monastery flexibleDeclaration of positive opinion on granting EU candidate status to Ukraine.

Russia and Ukraine, today’s bulletin 18 June on the war

As the fighting continues, DonbassAnd the put it in He returned to speak against the West: “With the apocalypse controlled by the United States, sanctions against us do not work.” A new visit by the British Prime Minister Johnson in Kyiv from Zelensky: “Plan to train up to 10,000 soldiers every 120 days.” Von der Line: “Today we have adopted the recommendation to the Council to give Ukraine a European perspective and the status of a candidate for entry into the Union.” An extraordinary table for gas-related emergencies has been held in Italy after supplies were cut off.

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