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A new wave of summons. The Ministry of Health has ordered the withdrawal of labeled milk from the shelves Milk and Light. the reason? Food is “produced in one”. Unrecognized institution It is considered unsuitable under Law 178/2002”. The recalled powdered milk, sold in packages of 400 grams, is produced by World Trade Srl for Torre Lupara in Pastorano, in the province of Caserta, distributed by Alimenti del Mondo-Italia Real

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But milk is not the only drink that ended up in the magnifying glass of the ministry headed by Roberto Speranza. Among the various reminders of the week there are also ground coffee. This time, the large supermarket chains Tuodì and Fresco Market have warned against consuming it. The classic taste of Juanito brand coffee, which Exceeds ochratoxin limit.

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The product in question – writes – Sold in packs of 250g with lot number D06X and best date before (Tmc) 06/04/2024. As for milk, consumers are also coffee called to return the product In order to get a refund or exchange. But above all, the ministry asks them not to eat.

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