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Francesca Versese

Before the Ukraine conflict, before inflation, before Covid, years of easy money widened the gap between the rich and the poor. leads, as a result, Enormous social tensions Inside the Great Western Democracies. As the United States and China face each other in a global conflict, a fragile and fragmented Europe is searching for a place. From a political point of view and from a market point of view. But there are those who decided how to position themselves in relation to the ancient continent. And in general, when he moves, he wins. It is located around Ray DalioFounder Bridgewater The world’s richest hedge fund, with $151 billion in assets. A person who is considered a market guru, as well as one of the 50 most influential people in the world according to Bloomberg Markets, has decided Betting against European titles. The stakes are huge: we’re talking about it at least $6.7 billion.

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21 companies in target
Searching for public information from Bridgewater, data service Breakout Point calculated that the Connecticut-based fund is betting against 21 European companies so far, in sectors ranging from finance to energy. We say selling or selling. Among the largest semiconductor suppliers are Asml Holding NV ($1 billion), energy company TotalEnergies ($705 million) and pharmaceutical maker Sanofi ($664 million). as well as Banco Santander, Bnp Paribas and Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, Allianz, Eng and AXA. The numbers were announced because under European law, funds must disclose bets in excess of 0.5% short interest, which means Bridgewater’s bets against European stocks could be higher. It is also not clear if these trades are real short positions or if they are hedging against other positions.

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In this regard, he preferred not to express himself. It is certain, however, that Ray Dalio, the legendary Wall Street figure even if he is less well known to the general public, believes that this inflationary dynamic is really complex to manage. In his latest book, The New World Order, we read:I do not invest in debt assets You buy goods that provide inflation protection. The financial community regards Dalio as a master who gives advice, often also contrary to popular thinking. Its concept borrows some elements of Eastern philosophy, such as Transcendental Meditation. This is so critical to him that all Bridgewater employees must take a four-month course to learn the techniques. However, at times its flagship fund, Pure Alpha, based on so-called macro trends, is up 26.2% year-to-date.

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