Revamped by changing the old logo, now it looks special

The Romanian automaker has formalized the change of logo on new cars from June 16th. Modernity can be defined with time from an aesthetic and stylistic point of view. Let’s go and discover the new Dacia logo!

Dacia changes its logo –

From June 16 You will feel like you are dealing with a premium brand. We are referring to Dacia which has formalized a historic change for the new cars to be ordered starting from this date! In fact, there will be a logo with a very original design in keeping with the times. They impress with quality and aesthetics.

But what does the new Dacia logo look like? It consists of two consonants that are part of the car’s brand name, namely Dr.. and the c.. These two characters now appear stylized and intertwined with each other. The new logo is called dacia link And we will be able to admire him on the street from next October.

In fact, the logo will be available for newly designed cars starting from June 16, but will be delivered after October 23, 2022, the last day of the Paris Motor Show! The Dacia Link will replace the old and classic Dacia emblem, which had a shape similar to that of a shield!

New Dacia logo
New Dacia Logo – Motori.News

Dacia Design Director David Durand spoke about the new logo in these terms: The linear logo reflects the fundamentals that distinguish the brand. Likewise, the emblem dacia link, Who draws inspiration from the world of mechanics, talks about Simplicity and durability. In addition, it packs all the files bond symbolism, A strong component of the Dacia community.”.

The new Dacia logo appeared on June 16!

Lionel Gillette, product manager at the Romanian car manufacturer, Explain the reasons for this change in the logo from a stylistic point of view. These are his first words about it: “The launch of the new visual identity across the entire Dacia range is a great coordination exercise for our teams. Thanks to the contribution of all areas of the business, Dacia gets a makeover while preserving its DNA. This transformation allows us to show how we can be both basic and engaging in the way we approach the car.”.

The new Dacia logo appears for the first time on devices purchased from June 16 onwards – Motori.News

A change in the logo also reflects Dacia’s continued evolution in its cars and way of looking to the future, a characteristic implemented by the world’s top auto manufacturers. Follow Lionel Gillette: “Dacia is developing in parallel with the times and its image is becoming more and more modern. The core principles underlying the products are further enhanced to meet the true expectations of customers. Robust and versatile vehicles, suitable for outdoor activities, with ingenious equipment and a practical economic and environmental approach. The new visual identity conveys these messages and makes the brand more attractive. A fresh start for Dacia! “.

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