Sartirana: Week of Celebration of Saint Peter. Fireworks and fireworks are back

Sartirana’s Long Shepherd’s Day begins on Friday 24 June. And despite the controversy, the fireworks display returns this year.

The rich program begins with the traditional lucciolata, a walk of about 4 kilometers starting at 9.30 pm and a risotto bakery at the end of the journey through the streets, paths and green spaces of the small village.

Don Sergio Masseroni, son of former mayor Andrea, who has always been from Sarterano, will celebrate Mass on the Lake on Saturday 25 at 8.45pm. Thus Don Sergio also celebrates 20 years of the priesthood. The Intercounty Football Tournament and a music show will conclude on the second day of the party.

Sunday begins with the Divine Liturgy at 11 am in the presence of Sister Leonarda, who commemorates 55 years of her religious career. In the afternoon, “Truccabimbi” in the chapel, 6pm procession with the statue of Saint Peter through the city streets and evening with country music.

The Shepherd’s Feast continues on Mondays with various events, including, at 10:30 p.m., the highly anticipated fireworks display.

Another mass on Wednesday 29, Saint Peter and Paul’s Day, supervised by Don Simon Riva and on Thursday 30, a cinema under the stars.

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