Silent Hill, Unreal Engine 5’s Remake gameplay video for fans –

The remake fan made of the silent Hill Developed in Unreal Engine 5 From Codeless Games it shows itself, in this case with a file gameplay video It lasts about ten minutes, inside the school.

You will definitely remember the trailer for the remake of Silent Hill that was released a few days ago. Well, with this video the authors have provided a deeper look into the game, which is still at the current stage alpha It will therefore undergo significant improvements in the coming months.

Animation and interaction with the scenario are certainly two aspects that must be updated in order to truly bring this survival horror into 2022, but the atmosphere is there and there are plenty of effects that UE5 has to offer.

As with all unofficial remakes, we don’t know the fate of the project, but one thing is for sure: signaling the way to a remake was very useful to Capcom at the time of Resident Evil 2 and perhaps something similar is happening with the Konami franchise.

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