Some monsters are inspired by the hoya plant, real plants that can be eaten –

It’s not uncommon for video game monsters to be inspired by real things, be it animals, plants, minerals, or something else. look at me hoya You understand why FromSoftware and its creative team chose them as enemies of elden ringBecause it makes a real impression.

Do you eat the Elden Ring monster? Photo: soraNews24


“Hoya” monsters in the Elden episode, photo by SoraNews24

Of course, the people that the poor have to face are giants, while the real ones fit in the palm of the hand, but they still have a certain effect, and we imagine it would be difficult for anyone to eat it, after eating a flour study.

However, it is very popular in the Tohoku region in northeastern Japan and is also sold in stores.

In fact, Hoya makes a good impression.  Photo: soraNews24

In fact, Hoya makes a good impression. Photo: soraNews24

Haruka Takagai, the SoraNews24 reporter who showed this curiosity, also decided to cook one after buying it, following the traditional recipe. His verdict is that she’s actually pretty good, even if she continues to like it. Too bad you can’t eat them at Elden Ring.

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