Sony color covers available today in Europe, here are the new colors –

Sony The launch has been formalized coverage colorful for PS5Also available in Europe starting today in three new colours: Starlight Blue, Galactic Purple and Nova Pink.

Colorful PS5 covers were announced in May, allowing you to radically change your look PlayStation 5replacing the default white “sails” with the models in which we prefer to customize the console.

A post posted by Sony on Twitter mentions buying the covers on Playstation Directbut as we know, the online store is not yet active in Italy and therefore it will be necessary to check with retailers in the region for product availability.

Undoubtedly, the shades Sony has chosen for these new covers are bold, a true scramble for color compared to the original aesthetic that was limited to alternating black and white.

what do you think? Would you buy skins to change the look of your PS5? and the price Do you think it is appropriate? For groups already distributed, its price is about 50 euros.

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