“Stay with the towel, no clothes”

Bad annoyance for Laurie’s friend: Marco Cocolo lost his belongings on the way back to Italy after his adventure in Isola dei Famousi ended.

Marco Kokolo I had to leave the reality show DellFamous Island Due to abdominal discomfort, perhaps after the appearance of some gallstones that have caused in the past few weeks to occur forsaken Severe and persistent pain.

Celebrity Island: Kokolo Loses His Bags, Lori Del Santo Doesn’t Care: ‘Stay With Towel, No Clothes’

Back in Italy from distant Honduras, Marco lost his bags Between different flights and change of planes to return to Italy. The news has already been confirmed Lori del Santo for microphones PC:

“The news is true, but I have no details. I arrived and..no suitcase! It’s been an hour and a half since the complaint to find the suitcase they brought tomorrow evening. In the meantime, he has nothing to wear, and will stay with the towel at the hotel. It is clear that in Solitary confinement and he can’t see anyone until Monday night’s episode of L’Isola dei Famosi, but regardless of everything at the moment, I don’t want to see him nor send him any clothes.”

LaurieFor now, he doesn’t hide that he’s going through a tough time after so many years of relationship:

“He disappointed me greatly. He did nothing to protect me. I believed and hoped that for us L’Isola dei Famosi it would be the experience of our unity more. I wanted us to remain united in support of one another, even against all. Instead, he preferred, lest consensus be lost, Even with other untouchables, to leave me alone to fend for myself with the world.”

The girl he met Marco During his last date with the reality show, he added that he heard Kokolo’s mother on the phone.

“I heard her on the phone and for the first time she saw me really sad and nervous. This situation doesn’t make me feel good. I think in the next episode of The Island of the Famous on a human level, I’m going to give up, because anyway I care about him so much and because he’s basically a person with a heart Ok. But I leave a reserve. If he fails to say the right things that can convince me and to penetrate deep into my heart, I think it is final: between me and him it will be over for good.”

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