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Sberbank Main Russian Bank, is not a marginal voice in and around the Kremlin. and onlyManaging Director of Sberbank German Gref felt compelled to warn of the need for it Ten years before the return of the Moscow economy to previous levels sanctions imposed by the West. A direct denial of what Vladimir Putin has said, asserting that the ban has very limited effects on the country’s economy, because Gref spoke from the same forum in Saint Petersburg where the Tsar had just launched an incendiary rhetoric against Europe and the United States.

The CEO of Sberbank explained – quoted by Reuters news agency – that the countries that imposed sanctions against Russia are represented 56% of its exports and 51% of its imports. Most of the Russian economy continued under fire. Thus, if we do anything you may need to A decade to return the economy to 2021 levels Gref said, calling for structural reform of the Russian economy. The same concepts that Elvira Nabiullina, head of the Russian Central Bank, had previously defined on April 18, according to which restrictions severely affect Russian companies and families.

According to Griff, Goods shipments fell six times While sea and air transportation was also hampered as sanctions prevented Russian airlines from flying west and Ships flying the Russian flag have been banned from entering EU ports. Sanctions on Russian banks have greatly impeded financial transactions with foreign counterparties, while Russia has also prevented Russia from receiving equipment and essential parts for the automotive, energy and aviation industries.

Sberbank In 2020, its sales exceeded $47 billion. As the largest financial entity He was not spared the penalties It was last March Separate from the international trade system Swift. In practice, Russian companies can no longer count on Sberbank in their international transactions. He pushes the financial weight of the group more The words Number One said are meaningful In the presence of Vladimir Putin.

Every mother German Griff It was also confirmed in the forecast made a few days ago by world bank In its most recent report on its global economic prospects, practically the report that a Development forecast for each country Or the economic zone of the planet. The World Bank allocates growth of 2.6 million to the United States at the end of 2022, the euro area and Japan 2.5 million. Russia’s GDP drops by 8.6. The worst number in the entire global economy.

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