‘The first hours of the war?’ I felt in a parallel reality. Perhaps the Russians are capable of anything »- Corriere.it

In a rare interview with the Guardian, Ukraine’s first lady recounts the early days of the war: “The children were very good, disciplined and obedient. It was like entering a parallel reality.”

“Maybe the Russians are really capable of anything”. This is how he talks about war crimes BuchaFrom MariupolFirst Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska“Goal No. 2” from the Russians.

In a rare interview with the British newspaper, Watchman, Set in a mansion shelter, it recounts the early days of the war as a “parallel reality” and the last months lived under special surveillance.

On February 24, the Zelensky family heard explosions from afar, which woke everyone up. The boss is already in the living room and is wearing his work clothes. He told her, “They have started.”.

For her two sons, 9-year-old Kirillo and 17-year-old Oleksandra, telling sweetened versions of the truth just didn’t seem possible. They were already up and dressed. “She started packing our bags,” says the Ukrainian first lady. Then in the evening I hurriedly embraced her husband without kisses. “It occurred to me later that I might never see him again.”

In the following days, he said, “I kept smiling in a surreal way, so as not to scare my children. We followed security orders and went where they asked us to go.”

The boys “were perfect. Normally you should tell him things a million times, on that day she was very quick and obedient. Then a long time passed as we just waited. News and phone calls. The TV is always on.” The signal to the TV also shows that the Zelensky family was not hidden underground or under water, as was supposed. But “intermittent” contacts with her husband took place on devices provided by security. One of the few positive aspects of these months, he says, is the distance from social networks. “You’re not always there all the moments waiting for other people’s reactions to your every move.”

months before the war Olena Zelenska He had organized the first lady and gentlemen’s summit in Kyiv. Many have gone, from Amina Erdogan to Michel Bolsonaro. Many of them appeared during the war. “Jill Biden was so brave and sympathetic to come out“.

Brigitte Macron has offered to help rebuild some schools. Queen Matilda of Belgium, a professor of psychology, gave advice on rehabilitation programs when the war was over. “We Ukrainians are not accustomed to turning to psychologists,” Zelenska says. “But Now each of us carries a very heavy emotional burdenHe says a public mental health campaign will be needed when the war is over. “No one wants a country that won, that fought, but that is populated with the people destroyed inside.”

Another reference to the early days of the war, before the sacking. When US intelligence daily warned of impending war, and Zelensky told Ukrainians not to panic. “There was different information from all sides,” she says. “Of course, no one has ever shared any martial secrets with me, not even my husband. I didn’t even believe that war was possible… I did not have a passport ready.”

The president’s family now lives in a sheltered place that is constantly changing. At the site of the interview, in the presidential palace in Kyiv, the president is also embodied at a certain point. He kisses her quickly and runs away surrounded by security. They don’t see each other in this Ukrainian family like any other.

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