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What game is China playing? In which side is it Xi Jinping? Despite a few sentences, some of the words were interpreted as an attempt to ‘push’ Russian President Vladimir Putin Towards a peace agreement, the feeling–much more than a feeling, in fact–is that the Dragon is united in support of Moscow, in conquest and attempt sabotage the world order. This sabotage attempt was confirmed by Tsar Putin himself in his disturbing speech in which he spoke of the decline of the American era.

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And after Putin, here are Xi Jinping’s words. outstretched hand Another confirmation of the solidity of the axle between Dragone and The Kremlin.

“The growing trade relations between China and Russia show that the cooperation between the two countries It is resistive to phase voltage and has potential“. These are the words of Xi Jinping, speaking at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. Yes, because Beijing is taking advantage of this war to fill the voids left by the West, with the withdrawal of companies and commercial activities. I think that was the case, everything that was planned, objectively, is not Diagonal idea.

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Speaking at the Russian Forum, Xi Jinping noted that “the relations between Moscow and Beijing They are not affected by recent geopolitical events And show good momentum across the board. In short, more compact and threatening than ever before.

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