There is also a list of illegal parking attendants

There is also the list of unauthorized parking attendants among the data stolen from the municipality during the hacker attack last June 2, which was published today by Community Vice, the gang that sent the computer system in Palazzo delle Aquile.

The new files released by the hackers are in a file that also contains the data of the operational department and the Judicial Police Office, the list of lawyers with free legal aid, the list of Daspo actions, the court notices, and the police station notifications. .

In recent days, they were first placed on the dark web and then made available to all municipal police data with leaders’ mail, phone numbers of several municipal employees and other sensitive data. Reports on the collection of taxes and fees, salary processing, appropriations for the municipal treasury service, fines paid by citizens in their names and titles, payment orders, appraisal forms, and employee lists with too many numbers remain public. phone, but also private messages.

17 days after the hacker attack, the municipality’s website does not allow you to book services online, while Ztl cameras are still “on testing” due to the impossibility of payment and recording of today’s corridors. The Palermo Postal Police is conducting investigations into the theft of the computer. The municipality continues not to issue statements in this matter, while among the experts there are those who say that “it is necessary to shed light on what happened, how this information could have been stolen and above all what information was actually stolen”. . Thus, Pierluigi Paganini, an expert in cyber security and intelligence, said that “it is necessary to immediately notify and provide support to people whose data has been stolen to prevent them from falling victim to cyber attacks.”

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