They say they have heart problems.

new Phone call intercepted Ukrainian intelligence sheds light on the situation (and morale) of Russian soldiers in war. But this time the talk is not about soldiers, but about officers. Which according to eavesdropping is also trying to escape the conflict in Ukraine. How? Once they lay down their arms and leave the battalions to fend for themselves. To say it is a soldier while talking to his wife: The conversation was intercepted by the SBU. The woman asks her husband not to run away; Because it is considered desertion.

(S) = Russian soldier (D) = woman

(D): Do you want to leave or what?

(s): No! Our leadership began. They did not leave, they unloaded their weapons, and said, “We are not going to fight.” And one of the elders also went to Russia.

(Q): By elders, do you mean your leader or what?

(Q): Yes, yes, yes, one of us, from the 4th Battalion.

(D): *incomprehensible question*?

He said: “I do not deceive very quickly. I have heart problems.”

(D): Ah, to the heart. But young people have heart problems.

(Q): That’s it

(D): Then you also have heart problems. You have a thyroid gland. Everyone has something. But if that’s the case, you can go home early.

(Q): We are not listed anywhere. place does not exist. Believe me, we are not listed anywhere. As Commander Ushakov said, here we are like meat. It’s a distracting maneuver. Even in Russia it is not really seen that we are here.

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