Unexplained increase of 32 cents: What happens to the price of gasoline

It doesn’t stop Expensive petrol The Italians’ summer: a new rise in fuel prices angered consumers and trade associations. In fact, the price of petrol is now back over €2 with a national average of 2,069 per liter. On the other hand, diesel costs a little less and is around 2,006. Despite government measures to reduce tax duties, the euro “ceiling” was broken: just a month ago, the set price touched 1,830 euros per liter for gasoline and 1,835 for diesel.

Federconsumatori Complaint

Onf (Federal National Observatory) has calculated that there is an unjustified fuel surcharge of at least 32 cents Which, in short, translates to an average increase of €384 per year per family. Expensive fuel is causing an incredible multiplier effect as more and more people are forced to deprive themselves of some kind of food expenditure. “A more careful intervention is necessary to counteract the ongoing speculation, both in the domestic market and in international marketsFederconsumatori chief said, Michelle Carroswho stressed that new measures are needed to curb price hikes.Capping prices at distributors to determine the burden of VAT on the net cost of fuel, not on the amount including excise duties‘, as we read Nation.

odd direction

Also based on war codaconWhich calls for anti-monopoly interventions and the Public Prosecution Office to curb the rise in gasoline prices.”In order to make sure the rackets are on the skin of Italians“.A new complaint has been submitted to the Competition Authority and to 104 prosecutors across Italy with a request to open an investigation into this new wave of increases to shed light on potential speculation and also arrange bookings for black gold companies. Compared to in the same period last year. The cost of gasoline increased by 25%, and diesel by 33% more.”A completely anomalous price trend, recorded despite government-ordered production duty cuts that oil prices do not seem to be justifiedstates on the Codacons.

cap on price

according to Cgia (Associations of Craftsmen and Small Businesses), the required maximum pump price to be implemented for gas also. “The Decree on Excise Tax Reduction, which by law lowered the price of gasoline and diesel at the pump by 25 cents per liter, was significantly “neutralised”; In fact, the increases have now “merged” the opponent“This is no small problem, given that on July 8 there will be an extension before the price rises further.

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