Victoria Abanasenko, the Miss Universe candidate who is fighting the Russians

miss too Ukraine fight against Russia. he is called Victoria Abanasenko And he has a dream Miss Universe. As for the ongoing war, it makes its contribution to the volunteer activities of the most vulnerable population and in support of the armed forces.

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Victoria Abanasenko, who is she?

Victoria Abanasenko, a beautiful model from Chernihiv, who will be sent by Kyiv to the Miss Universe 2022 contest, is 28 years old and is actively fighting for Ukraine’s victory on the information front. She is a volunteer. Victoria helps the capital’s Naїve restaurant cook food for battalions of the armed forces and the elderly. She and a friend are busy bringing food, medicine, and hygiene products to children, the elderly, and the internally displaced.


Apanasenko is still the second exit from the national competition for 2021, but since the first is not available, and another competition cannot be organized under the bombs, it will be she who will represent Ukraine in the Miss Universe contest.

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