“Why Putin wants Ukraine to join the European Union” – Libero Quotidiano

Moscow has a vested interest in allowingUkraine In the’European Union. to confirm it Tommaso Cernoin relation to Myrta Merlino a the air that pulls on La7. .’s previous signature Republicnow a parliamentarian, analyzes a war that “goes from a solid state to a gaseous state, and from war in the field to raw materials and energy. This is perhaps the first case in which sanctions are applied by the sanctioned: since we have not had the courage to remove the gas, they take it from U.S “.

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The consequences, at least for now, we mainly bear. It is also for this reason, Cerno asserts, “Europe has finally realized that this war must end, but neither Europe nor the United States can say that the war must end even at the cost of losing A piece of Ukraine They have to do it to say Zelensky. So what do they do? They express themselves by granting entry to the European Union as a gift, Timaeus Danaos et dona ferentesCherno’s cultured and caustic reference to Kyiv’s visit in Emmanuel Macron, Mario Draghi And the Olaf Schulze.

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“Russia has supported Ukraine’s entry into the European Union for years, and has never opposed it. And do you know why it is preferred? Because Russia has an interest in a country that can return to a pro-Russian tomorrow, which has many Russian citizens and the Russian capital may have a foot in the European Parliament as well. Piece of head in Europe. What interests him and does not enter into it Boy“The visit of the three leaders to Kyiv is of particular value” for the 27 EU countries, to clarify who is responsible. And in fact, clever Russians immediately answered: Well, if the problem is Ukraine in the European Union, then we can talk about it. ”

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