WWE Smackdown Report 06/17/2022 Reigns vs Riddle

An unforgettable episode of Friday Night Smackdown is upon us, Vince Mcmahon will appear at Smackdown following rumors of a behind-the-scenes scandal, and Roman Reigns will defend the title from Riddle’s attack.

The episode begins with Vince McMahon entering who says the opposite of what everyone expects… He’s not referring to what happened in real life, he’s saying how honorable it is to be in the ring and wishing everyone a good episode of Smackdown.

Shortly after Riddle entered the ring who arrived in the ring to the cheers of the crowd, he armed himself with the microphone and said that today is the most important day of his career, many of his family members are watching him, Randy above all…he is there watching him, he misses you so much. Me and the audience, I’ll be back soon.

For the twenty years I’ve reigned, sacrificing everything to keep the audience entertained, thanks Randy.

But back in tonight, I’m going to dedicate this match to Randy and I’m going to win it.

Singles Match: Happy Corbin vs Mad Kapp Moss

Corbin starts off very well, with a series of kicks, punches and a sleeper that brings moose to the ground.

Once he breaks free from the sleeper, Moss detonates in stunning athletic style and scores first a shoulder block, then a quick kick, now looking for Punchline but Corbin throwing it against the peg outside the ring and then over the barrier.

After a commercial break, Corbin finds a choke that leads to the count of 2…then they both end up outside the ring, Moss throws Corbin on the commentators’ table and as soon as he comes back he scores a punch…another one right after that! 1 … 2 … 3.

Match winner via Pinval: Mad Cap Moss

After the match, Corbin takes the microphone and tells Pat McAfee that they have known each other for a long time, but he always made fun of him, and in the hardest moments he would say “Boom as Corbin” criticizing you for happy talk and much more… Never allow yourself again or I will destroy you .

In response, Pat takes the microphone and starts the Bum Ass Corbin chorus, then loads the audience and convinces him to mock Corbin, with the entire building laughing at Corbin.

Behind the scenes we now see Natalya saying that Ronda suffered so much last week, the Sharpshooter is the most painful in all of WWE.

Armbar is special, but my sniper weapon humiliates heroes, breaks bones and tendons, I am ready to win the title and beat you, I will be the first woman to be defeated in history.

Tag Team Match: Jinder Mahal vs Shanki vs The New Day

Mahal starts well against Kofi, then gives the change to Shanky who seems really controlling, then Woods starts playing the trumpet… Shanky starts dancing, Mahal gets angry and takes the tag… Trouble in Paradise by Mahal!! 1.2 … 3.

PINFALL Match Winner: The New Day

After a commercial break we find Sheamus, Drew and Adam Pearce in the middle of the ring.

Adam says both failed to qualify, but since Money In The Bank is so important, he wants to try and find a solution.

Sheamus says he’s already won and collected money in the bank, while Drew has received cash… Who should be in the match next?

Pierce consult management….and Sheamus, you are there!

Sheamus hugs Pierce and cheers!! Drew’s clothesline kicks Sheamus out of the ring…Pierce stops him and tells him he’s at a Money in the bank match too!!!

Sheamus returns to protest and gets Claymore.

Now we see Zayn outside Reigns’ locker room, Kayla stops him and tells him the bloodline might be mad at him, and Roman will defend the title tonight due to his defeat.

Zayn says everything is fine, then leaves.

Women’s Money in the Banking Qualifier Match: Shayna Baszler vs. Raquel Rodriguez

Behind the scenes, we see Aliyah and Schutzi watching the match and in the ring Shayna attacks Raquel’s legs, Rodriguez’s running knee 1 … 2 … kick-off.

Meanwhile, on the comments table, we have Lacey Evans who doesn’t seem to take sides in the commentary.

Ladder One Powerbomb By Raquel Rodriguez Out Of Nowhere!!! 1 … 2 … 3.

Match winner via Pinval: Raquel Rodriguez

Now backstage, Gunther is interviewed but Kaiser speaks up and says that this title was made for people like Gunther, for European or international athletes, that title should never be in the hands of an American.

We need to restore the luster of this title, and Ring General Gunter will take care of it!

Undisputed World Championship Match: Roman Reigns vs. Riddell

The tension in the air is unbelievable, the audience is on fire, the match begins with Riddle throwing himself at Reigns who, however, immediately responds with a very strong clothesline.

Riddle’s X-ploder suplex, Reigns is out of the ring, PK, the floating helix slab and his bro are out of the ring!

Once back from a commercial break, we see Reigns controlling dust from the drive that leads to number 2.

Now my crossover in the middle of the ring, Riddle Pele kick, Riddle’s elbow chain on the corner, another X-Blooder, Pro Tone, but Reigns got his knees up!

Floating Bro by RIddle 1… 2… .kickout by Reigns.

Uranagus Form 1…2…Exit.

Riddle now exits the ring, Reigns follows him, and heads back to the commentator’s table!! A classic Randy Orton move.

Another commercial break and back to Roman life takes a Superman punch…a quick final flash, Orton Powerslam styled!!

Riddle’s Dripping DDT… Reigns doesn’t get free, suplex is back on Riddle’s commentator table this time, audience sings RANDY… RANDY… DRIPPING DDT BY RIDDLE NOW DOWNLOADING RKO… RKO MISSING!!!

Superman punch to Reigns 1…2…Kick-off in the last tenth of a second!!

Now Roman calls the spear… RKO AL FLIGHT!!! 1….2….launching!!!! Really got to the point of Reigns making the audience explode for a moment!!!

Riddle’s Floating Bro… Riddle summons another RKO, Riddle’s missing springboard move… Spy on the Fanatical’s flight!!! 1… 2….3!

Match winner and once again WWE Undisputed Universal Champion: Roman Reigns

Reigns and Bloodline raise their belts mid-ring as a sign of jubilation.

Now Roman takes the microphone and says there is no one left, I beat everyone.

I told everyone I’d slay everyone and go away and that’s what I’d do after Riddle hit…but first…Minneapolis…Aknowledge Lee.

But Brock Lesnar’s music plays!!!! From Minneapolis MN…. BROCK LESNAR IS BACK!!!

The two go head to head… Brock laughs, reaching out to Reigns… Lesnar F5 who also destroys USOS!!!

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