Zaniolo wants to be successful, he wants to spend a little, and he’s right…

Nicolo Zaniolo comes out in public and speaks frankly about the future: “I am Dybala’s heir? We’ll see … the interest of the big teams makes me happy: if they think of you, it means that you deserve. And no, it does not distract me or make me instead, I train more Enthusiasm: I want to show that it is right to be associated with these big clubs. Bye, if that happens, I will miss a lot of people. Compared to Dybala? It also seems to me that it is an exaggeration to compare him. He is unique, a great player, very strong. Let’s see Life is unpredictable, you never know what’s going on. I’m training, I’m waiting.”

Clear words that leave open the possibility of departure and destination in Italy can be twofold, either Juventus or Milan, only.

In Juventus, Zaniolo can be considered either the shoulder of Vlahovic or entering the trident, it would be a shot from perspective, but it is also a bit risky, because Juventus will find strong players in the team, like him and Chiesa but also veterans who were first and who later of accidents.

Evaluation problem – The secondary problem, then, will be the player’s evaluation, even Zaniolo Roma asks for 60 million, a number that Juventus does not seem to be able to guarantee and will have to deal only and only with the inclusion of a player, it could be Kean or another element that the Bianconeri would like to specify, such as Arthur.

Juventus estimates the first 20 million at least and the second at 35 million euros, so that there are no capital losses.

At the moment at Juventus, the priorities seem to be other, Zaniolo likes him, but it should be just one and an opportunity in the market to be exploited.

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