160 euros bonus on the spot, the competition is shaking

Poste Italiane becomes director of electricity and gas only when Italians are having a hard time paying their terrible bills.

So Poste Italiane aims to enter In a sector that needs huge savings And by offering these tangible savings, you can win over many customers.

ANSA / Riccardo Antimiani

Let’s see this amazing novelty. Italian families are exhausted Increases On bills but also on food and petrol.

tempting show

Many Italians now ask, in anger and frustration, Universal basic income to have at least a minimum Move forward.


In fact, many families can no longer make ends meet and Payment of utilities For many, it has become impossible. In this case Poste Italiane intervenes An offer aimed at gaining more than 1.5 million customers. Poste Italiane guarantees the price Insured for two years, so a very appropriate offer at such a period. The company wants to celebrate like this 160 years recently completed. Poste Italiane wants to expand and does so precisely with this ambitious strategy that is leading it to become a Director of Electricity and Gas.

160 € bonus

The proposed first offer is called 160 . energy. With this offer, there will be a discount of 160 euros if you join both electric and gas Or 80 euros if you only join one of the two. The discount from the second year onwards drops to 50 euros. So you can have one electric and gas manager And immediately save 160 euros. Initially, the offer is only for employees and pensioners of the post office but already Starting in the fall, this new Electricity and Gas Manager will appeal to all Italians Because they aim to earn 1.5 million in a short time.

Strongest competitors

The Poste Italiane show is definitely interesting but many other directors are also in this period Attracting customers with offers Somehow trying to mitigate the terrible highs. So Poste Italiane has definitely become a cunning player in the light gas market But there is no shortage of equally fierce competitors. So Italians who are always looking for a light show and gas that make them breathe a little more will have an added element including Choose The most useful option.

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