$24 million in revenue on iOS and Android two weeks after launch – Nerd4.life

In the first two weeks after launch Immortal Diabloheld on June 2, Blizzard’s free dungeon crawler program created in collaboration with NetEase has succeeded in achieving 24 million dollars across versions iOS and Android.

As reported by PocketGamer, Diablo Immortal’s revenue was similar in both the App Store and Google Store. Specifically we are talking about $13 million for the iOS version and $11.3 million for the Android version. As for the revenue broken down by country, United State They account for 43% of the total, while South Korea comes in second with 23%.

Immortal Diablo

In all of this, the data on the PC version receipts is unknown, which could lead to an increase in overall receipts. According to official information shared by Blizzard, Diablo Immortal was downloaded and installed by 10 million players in its first week, marking the largest launch in franchise history.

In the meantime, work continues on Diablo 4, which will be available on PC and consoles in 2023, which recently introduced a new gameplay video with dungeons and boss battles.

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