3 trends in aesthetic medicine to stay away from

Asking if a scalpel or surgery is better flexible Discusses the. “Surgery is not necessary: ​​the same effect can be obtained with absorbable sutures Which raises the corner of the eye, connecting it to the upper part of the arc surrounding the orbit. Another trick, which is the prerogative of professional makeup artists and makeup artists, is to shave the last part of the eyebrow and replace it with a tattoo,” he says. Nadia Fronny.

But leads are not for everyone. “It can make sense when it is inserted into a tissue rich in fat because it is able to create traction. Remember, however, that The area next to the eye is low in fat cells. In these cases, to obtain a harmonious result, it is recommended to resort to a scalpel with a raised eyebrow”, emphasizes Raffaella Caselli.

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touching lips

French lipsAnd the Russian lipsAnd the lip sausageAnd the doll lips…are the many ways to identify the plus-size lips trend that are popular on social media. «They are an absolute necessitywith unstoppable demand. The recommendation is to think about your lifestyle: If the volume increase is disproportionate to the harmony of the face, it may have a career motive for someone big successfor an ordinary person who carries out an activity out of the spotlight, it may not be a suitable option,” he says. Nadia Fronny.

In short, for those who are not a star or influencer, they can turn to itstriped lipsthe technique that JLo loved so much that widens the smile, It is achieved by drawing a line emerging from the edge of the labial mucosa before applying lipstick and gloss to obtain a frosted sheen.

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