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06/19/2022 – Posted by Gloria Sciabatoni

Terme di Cervia debuted in the 2022 season with a psoriasis awareness campaign, which sees Novartis’ contribution. The goal is to make patients more aware of their health status and the treatments available to them, through a multifactorial approach. In fact, a patient with psoriasis is placed at the center of the treatment process and becomes aware of their health condition and the treatment options available to them.

Psoriasis is a chronic, recurrent skin disease, inflammatory in nature with both physical and psychological effects. It is estimated that around 130 million people are affected worldwide, of whom 3 million are in Italy. Through the various communication channels (social networks, website, newsletters, electronic and paper media), Terme di Cervia publishes, during the season, the information contents to allow those suffering from this disease to become more aware of their health status. Determine the course most appropriate to your needs: what treatments, when to intervene, how and who to contact. In an approach that sees the patient at the center between the spas, the dermatologist and the general practitioner.

“The Terme di Cervia is a national reference point for the treatment of psoriasis: mud therapy and thermal spa therapy according to the “Cervia Method” have been shown to be beneficial for skin problems. However, it may be useful to incorporate these treatments into a broader course that takes into account all aspects of the disease. Thanks This new initiative, which sees Novartis’ contribution, will take care of a patient with psoriasis through multifactorial management of the disease: information, spa treatments, nutrition, physical activity and psychological well-being, drug treatments, and dispatch to dermatology centers for assessment. Health status »explained Dr. Alessandro Zanasi, health director of Terme di Cervia.

Fibromyalgia, breathing, and vascular pathway are the other things Terme must have but there are also other sectors in which Terme di Cervia is pioneering. Such as fibromyalgia, which is difficult to diagnose because it is manifested by diffuse diseases, anxiety, irritable bowel, etc. Treatment includes a visit to a doctor and activities such as balneotherapy, water or dry mindfulness, Pilates, mud baths in the solarium and consultation with a psychologist. Cervia salsopromoid water, which has a high salt content and a temperature of around 33°C, is anti-inflammatory and promotes muscle relaxation. Mud therapy in the solarium helps to reabsorb excess body fluids, reduces the development of arthritis and stimulates the formation of hyaluronic acid inside the joints and skin.

Another interesting project is “Breathe, you are in the spa”, to restore mental and physical health after Covid. There are many proposals to improve respiratory function and enhance musculoskeletal recovery: pulmonary examination, electrocardiogram, spirometry, inhalation therapies, pulmonary ventilation, external respiratory gymnastics. Those who have not contracted the Covid-19 virus can also benefit from these treatments but would like to improve respiratory function and promote musculoskeletal recovery. Another novelty, the fully regenerated hypertonic vascular pathway, for the health and beauty of the legs. For any information: [email protected] | +39 0544 990111 |

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