Alfa Romeo dreams, or rather nightmares

It often happens that other brands copy the most successful cars of a famous house. Alfa Romeo was not a victim of particularly serious plagiarism. Even today. Someone found a bad copy at random.

Veteran readers of Catromania know it all too well a little imagination, average engineering knowledge and plenty of daring, the average motorist can turn his old smoky little car or mid-range sedan into a life-size model of any supercar he wants. We’ve seen some really interesting cases of plagiarism that homes probably don’t report out of out of sympathy for the hapless who built them.

Today’s victim is Alpha Coders.

Sometimes, ‘fake’ cars are made They don’t really make sense to be present. Think about it: at least converting a Suzuki into a Veyron, however dubious the logic may be, I don’t have a supercar, and I’ll never be able to buy it, so I build it at home. But there are some really inexplicable cases like the one we saw recently of a man who turned his mighty Audi R8 into a Ferrari for no real reason.

Or we can mention today’s status, which is a really sad status and there is not much information in it since the image was acquired by the user who shared it on social media dedicated to images flickr completely randomly. The victim of plagiarism this time is the home of Alfa Romeo So if you are about to see, the question we ask ourselves is: Why?

No one will be deceived

Usually, when you steal a car that already exists, you start with a very clear idea in mind. If you decide to convert your 1990 Pontiac to a Lamborghini, you may decide first To any style of home Your inspiration to make sure the car is as similar as possible to the supercar you intend to steal. In this case, that’s not exactly how it went.

Subaru Flickr 18_06_2022 Quattromania
Yes, it bears the Alfa Romeo logo. No, we didn’t believe it for a moment (Flickr)

The little car in the photo could have been completely randomized by a social network user as footage of basically different types is being shared during a trip to Japan. The person who posted the screenshot Surprised by bad plagiarism Run by this anonymous owner who also saw fit to attach Alfaclub codes and a typical Quadrifoglio code to the fastest Alphas on the car. And what about the rims? Things to make Alves get hives…

According to the comments, the offending vehicle can be Domestically produced Subaru This “similar” to some Alfa models can only have optical kits, similar to those on the Mito if you have a wild imagination. And nothing, think about traveling to a foreign country and finding something like that in front of you. At that point, the holiday was irreparably ruined…

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