Anger Foot, the proven shooter based on green feet and lots of action

Here’s the tried-and-true Anger Foot, available in demo format via Steam: Ready to focus feet and work?

When the Devolver Digital Showcase aired a few days ago and we saw the trailer for feet of angerWe immediately thought of Hotline Miami. Now that we’ve tried the demo of this new game, thanks to Steam Next Fest, we can say that the comparison can be made between the two titles if you’re careful enough.

The View a video It was pretty clear: We’re furious, have a dead foot, and are ready to make our way into the criminal bases in the area to tear apart anyone who gets in the way.

smallest experimental Available on PC allowed us to understand the basic idea of ​​the game and whether there is a possibility of another strange masterpiece published by these (pseudo) maniacs at Devolver Digital.

here for us Try Ungerfoot.


Our feet are the main weapon of the feet of anger

No time wasted in Anger Foot: the game begins and you are immediately thrown into first levelWhich allows you to learn the basics of the game as each area is divided into rooms and corridors separated by closed doors. Our main weapon is a killer kick that can take out anyone at range with one hit, but most importantly, throw doors and use them to take down anyone who gets too close.

Then we will also have many on our side arms, to be retrieved right at the beginning of the level or after killing the Gonzo who was holding them. We will have pistols, submachine guns and rifles, but the ammo is little: when the magazine is empty, you just need to throw the weapon at the opponent to stun him and have time to approach him without interfering with the shots.

Anger Foot is very similar to Hotline Miami From different points of view: you enter a place and kill everyone as fast as you can and try not to make the ending bad. It is above all the rhythm that is very reminiscent of Dennaton Games’ pixel art adventure. It would also be easy to take out competitors, but we are also not giants: in a few shots we are dropped and have to start over, in a cycle of death and new attempts faster than ever.

There are a lot of shootings in Anger Foot

There are a lot of shootings in Anger Foot

In this demo, all missions were very short, so every KO doesn’t matter. You just have to start over and understand the error. Anger Foot is not an easy game and you may notice it in the first stages: you have to be good at both aiming and understanding which is the best way to complete the level. Although they are closed and on average linear, there are sometimes several directions to go forward, to approach a room from one side or the other, and thus to gain an advantage.

Ungerfoot wants us to continue attacking Logic It prompts us to take advantage of environmental elements such as barrel bombs to hit many enemies with one hit. You have to be fast, accurate and efficient to finish the level.

In addition to, level finish It’s just the beginning, as you can search for records divided into different categories: achievement speed, eliminate all enemies, and complete using only your feet.


It looks like Anger Foot is betting everything on crazy

It looks like Anger Foot is betting everything on crazy

Now it’s hard to say how fun it is to play and replay each level to get registerBut the developers obviously hope that players will try each section of the game multiple times.

Among other things, by progressing, it will be possible to unlock the lock new shoes, which activates various bonus abilities, such as the ability to earn additional bullets with each liquidation or activate a dash kick. So it can be interesting to go back and tackle each level again with different types of shoes, to see which one allows you to get the best record in each section.

our real doubtFor now, it’s all about style and storytelling. We think there’s going to be some kind of plot, but it’s going to be bullshit from what we’ve seen up to this point. The setting is nice, but it lacks that Hotline Miane charges (using that just as an example to continue the comparison). However, for a real verdict, we will have to wait for the full version in which we will be able to see more settings and understand exactly what Anger Foot has to offer.

Anger Foot is your typical game that is easy to start playing, but can be complex and challenging. The demo is just a taste and we’ll have to see how varied the gameplay is and whether the level design will be of quality, but for now we’re definitely intrigued by the basic idea. The demo will be available for a few more days: we advise you to try it to get an idea of ​​what awaits you first hand.


  • Simple but effective idea
  • fast and hard


  • Style-wise, we still have some doubts
  • Will it vary enough?

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