Because John Frusciante has once again joined the group. And hear-

From Matteo Croco, sent to Florence

After the appetizer Green Day and Muse, the Californian band was the highlight, after five years of absence

Florence As in the last strip on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, they start at ferociously jamariImprovise, to tell us that Rock is back. Yes, after two years of absence, rock music is back on it Florence RocksThe most important festival of its kind in Italy. After the appetizers green day and the gods Meditationthe main course is me hot red pepperAfter five years of absence. 65 thousand people in Florence are really heterogeneous, the children who discovered the inhabitants of California spotify Those over their forties fell in love with this Funketon At the end of the eighties (the world champion Marco Materazzi is represented in the first place, any die-hard fan).

The jam started and you understand it something changed From previous shows of Red Hot in Italy: A Generational Reworking of the ’90s, John Frusciant He returned to the group. This is the great guitarist who left in 2009. Everyone benefits from him. starting from Anthony Kiedis, the sound was not always so irresistible in the past, clearly reassured by its presence. who starts with can’t stop From By The Way and soon after with beloved Danny California home. also know tarantula flea On the bass John thanked him several times, while Chad Smith said it’s okay the battery. And we forgive the band that indulges perhaps too much, in the rest of the line-up, with ben five songs On the seventeenth day of the last album Unlimited love.

But alchemy thanks back the prodigal son John is perfect. And when you go back to the old record in Otherside of California, the audience is in delirium. Irresistible escalation towards the end Californication before and Give her the way Then a historical piece. which delivers the ultimate apotheosis of By The Way, even if some are disappointed by the absence of the hymn of despair, “Under The Bridge.” But it doesn’t matter, Curtain. from red hot cos beautifulSo perfect, in these latitudes, we have not seen them before. Why John Frusciant He returned to the group.

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