Callisto Protocol, a horror game inspired by real events –

Callisto Protocol will organize horror It inspired games and movies of the genre, but also real events: Striking Distance’s chief creative officer, Chris Stone, revealed in an interview.

Introduced with a new trailer and gameplay video for Summer Game Fest, Callisto Protocol is clearly based on video games like the silent Hill And the vampireas well as movies like the thing And the point of no returnBut the team seems to have gone further.

We found ourselves searching Real episodes of horror and blood“While this material was much less fun to analyze, it has proven to be very valuable in allowing us to recreate realistic experiences and scenes,” Stone said.

So the buildings are those of survival horror Which on the one hand pay homage to the classics of this specific direction, as well as historical films, but at the same time aim to provide vivid and realistic representation on the screen.

waitingExitset for December 2, check out our interview with Glen Schofield, the father of Dead Space and director of Callisto’s protocol.

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