Covid, ‘No to liberating all’. Professional Doctors Return

“We now know that we have to live with Covid but to do that we need constant vigilance and respect for precautions. Instead, ‘free everyone’, with the cancellation of many anti-coronavirus measures, is creating problems, and if we are talking so far about Waves of winter or autumn, we have these days clear evidence that despite the summer, the spread of the virus and its variants are there and it is high.”

These annoying words from Guido Quicipresident of the Medical Association of the Cimo-Fesmed Consortium, was not voiced in the summer of 2020, when a country still in shock was emerging from the most dangerous phase of the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, but in a very recent interview with Adnkronos صحة Health. Not only that: According to the prophet of agony of countless people with a white blanket, “If the spread of the virus continues to increase in the coming weeks and the likelihood of going to hospital increases, we will face another blow to the narrowness of the system.”

A real disaster, therefore, its etiology has already been reported by another colleague of Quici, Andrea FelipeNational Secretary of FP CGIL Physicians and Executives Ssn, as heard by himself Adnkronos صحة Health. In this case, the undertones are almost horrific: “We are recording a very overwhelming new arrival into the emergency room for people with Covid, even young people, who, though not seriously, need help breathing, little, but uncontrollable oxygen. …at home with the poor network we’ve built despite the pandemic, and that’s backfired on hospitals. In our opinion – Felipe’s dose increases – This summer wave has definitely been underestimated, because it was somehow believed that it would not arrive, but rather that it is coming and the fall scenario is expected, in a situation where the vaccines are still holding up a little, but it raises a lot of concern. It is a bit too early to say whether the situation is alarming in terms of overloading hospital services – he asserts – but the impression is that the flow of patients in the emergency room is steadily increasing.”

At this point, in order to understand if there is some basis in all this, we went to look at the numbers that convey the most notion of the gravity of this endless epidemic: those of intensive care. we will On June 18, 193 patients were transferred to Italian hospitals In these sections, while on the same day last year there were 416, more than doubled.

So, one might ask these stars, but what exactly are we talking about, as the trend of hospitalization with Covid-19 and for so many weeks has been called more than just reassuring numbers? Perhaps, as unfortunately has already happened in these long years of epidemic, Infection or infection is still indicated – according to the definition most used by terrorist virologists – To claim and justify a whole series of restrictions on our freedom That today is more than yesterday, it is unimaginable to confront a mutated virus more or less clearly.

On the other hand, like some scholars who did not bow The prevailing health doctrine They have always argued based on strong scientific findings, including the Nobel Prize Luc MontagnierAnd the Julio Tarot And the Mariano BizzariThe spread of the coronavirus in the summer, like many other respiratory viruses, in addition to not causing any disaster, as the above figures show in intensive care, tends to strengthen the so-called natural immunity in the healthiest components of the population, with great benefit Also indirect towards more fragile subjects.

But obviously, after everyone focused on vaccines and restrictions, which as we see still remain without any objective confirmation, the idea that the population can associate with the latest coronavirus as a simple flu, as the current findings will encourage them to do so. It doesn’t seem to satisfy the many, many characters who have invested so much in viral terrorism.

Claudio Rometti, June 19, 2022

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