Developers comment on what’s going on –

ready or not No longer available in steamAt the time of writing this news. Not that it can no longer be purchased, but that the game’s product page has been completely removed (or hidden) from the Valve platform. The developers – Void Interactive – commented on the matter, stating that it is a copyright issue.

The team wrote through the account Twitter by VOID Interactive: “To the Ready or Not community, we would like to respond to some rumors regarding the removal of Ready or Not and its pages from Steam, which occurred on June 16, 2022. A removal request has been submitted to Steam regarding possible copyright infringement associated with the Night Club map that was submitted in Latest Steam update. We take intellectual property issues very seriously and as a sign of good faith have decided to remove this material and any references to it in Ready or Not and from all social media.”

“ready or not Will return to Steam When the changes are complete. We have also removed the AI ​​update video from our YouTube channel and Steam page and expect to resubmit it after the full editing process.”

File content Ready or not nightclub In the center of the speech, according to sources, it was somewhat similar to the Bataclan in Paris (where there was a shooting in 2015). Additionally, the update was posted on June 12, the anniversary of the Pulse Nighclub (Florida) massacre of 49 people. According to the team, it’s only a matter of copyright, and the similarities that players have noticed are not cited in any way.

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