Discover a protein that “cleans” the arteries

Heart attack prevention is certainly the best strategy for avoiding fatal events but also severe consequences and disabilities.

One thinks of meinfarct Obviously, the picture is the most “heinous”. But Who survived Can Very important health consequences appear. Therefore, preventing heart attacks is a must. And we can get through it Many synergistic projects. But today we have another weaponwhich maybe It will revolutionize the cardiovascular sector.

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Even today, The death rate from cardiovascular disease is very high, despite the fact that these are well-known diseases and therefore better ‘controlled’. In the GlobalismAlmost dies every year 18 million people. in Italiawe’re about to 130 thousand cases annually. but this is not all.

As evidenced by a A report published on the ISS websitemostly Those who survive the acute form of the event develop chronic diseases. High percentage go towards Other heart attacks in the next 12 months. then they shoot premature aging Hence related disorders. like them perceptualBeside inability Physics of all kinds and states permanent disability. Heart attack is a very costly social disease.

becomes more Basic Then reveal useful information. Because Fighting cardiovascular disease Effective way By adopting healthier lifestyles and balanced. Along with these concepts and drugs that already exist, we have today Another weapon to dramatically downsize The number of events and theirs Archaeology. That’s what it is.

Tests for using protein to prevent heart attacks are underway

It’s very modern Study promotion FromHarvard Medical School in Boston. The purpose is to at least start the test 20 thousand topics new treatment or treatment. This is theprotein useThe “apolipoprotein apoA-I“.

It’s called a “sponge protein” because it seems to work that way. Simply, He will be able to clean the arteries of atherosclerotic plaques. Thus it “saves” from the resulting heart attacks.

Obviously we “say” it’s simpler but Scientists have worked hard to come up with this treatment. That would be an intravenous injection of this protein. In contact with paintingsfor reasons understandable only to branch workers, The lipoprotein will start to attract them. By administering it to separate it from the arteries. As we know, the treatment today is to avoid the (more) growth of plaques. this way “cleaning” It will be really deep.

Experiments and the purpose of experimentation

The People subject to this new treatmentas we said, It will be at least 20 thousand He will be chosen all over the world. So also in Italy. In our country, IRCCS MultiMedica will participate in Sesto San Giovanni.

From’The interview was published on the ANSA website We understand The purpose of the tests. According to Roberto Pedretti, Director of the Division of Cardiovascular Diseases at IRCCS, One of the goals is to prevent ch After the first event other events occurred. Especially during the next three months, which is the most dangerous period for anyone who has had a heart attack.

It is located around Totally innovative approach Compared to Current drug treatments. The good news is that the first effects appear to be very encouraging.

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