Electric cars, a new plan for charging stations

there Metropolitan Council of Rome Approved a resolution setting the new regulation for the installation and management Charging poles for electric cars.

As stated on the Rome website Mobility ServicesThe municipal administration has tried to eliminate the distortions and delays that hindered the previous regulation, taking advantage of the experience gained in the past four years.

Electric charging stations: the new plan

To date, the Capital Mobility Department has received 1,600 applications, of which only 800 have succeeded. These numbers show that the system was faulty and that is why the management decided to intervene. there trading Officially approved by Giunta di Roma Capitale, it presents a series of innovations, starting with the launch of an international competition that brings together the best experts in the sector to choose a column design with the Roma brand.

Call provide for more careful planning and one periodic programming One of the recharging systems that will be installed along the capital’s roads. By doing so, it would be possible to cover the entire territory of Rome with a view to a wide and proportional distribution among the various municipalities. Along with the supervision, the placement of stations in the central and most famous areas of the Eternal City will be studied.

The work that revolutionized the Electricity Distribution System Cars intended for zero-emission cars will be implemented with the support of the individual municipalities of Rome, together with the Electricity Distribution Authority. Joining forces is essential to reduce realization times and any business inconvenience.

Among the many innovations expected in the Rome Metropolitan tender, there is also one related to one entry competitive action To select operators on the basis of the technical quality of the product, technical services and IT services that they can provide. The goal is to facilitate recharges for citizens also in columns from different operators.

The turning point in Rome represents a huge step forward in terms of electric mobility in Italy which, compared to other EU countries, lags behind in the installation of charging stations throughout the territory.

Electric cars and charging stations in Rome

Based on the decision of the city council of Rome, the decision to place the gods is of great importance new sensors Capable of detecting arbitrary stops in places designated for recharging electric vehicles. As required by the Highway Code, in order to discourage the use of parking only by even those who have to recharge the vehicle, special rates will apply to motorists who leave the vehicle at the kiosks one hour after the end of the recharge.

Another important step of the revolution coming to Rome is the replacement of all the old columns and old power sockets: this solution allows to improveCharging efficiencyCharging capacity and speed are adapted to the latest technology.

All the columns in the Maas system, Mobility as a Service, will be included in Roma Capitale, thus increasing the number of stations in Lazio which, together with Piedmont, ranks second in the ranking of the regions with the most refueling stations for electric vehicles in Italy behind Lombardy.

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