Even if we have little time, 30 minutes a day can be enough to train and lose weight thanks to this precious table

Sometimes it is not a matter of desire, but a matter of time. We look with envy at who, during the day and at any time, can run through the streets of our city without having to look at the clock. We too would love to do it, but unfortunately our commitments prevent us from this ease of getting out. Why it should be kept is clothing, warm-up, jogging, cooling, and bathing. Whoever has 30 minutes, frankly, struggles to fit everything. However, even if we have little time, 30 minutes a day may be enough to train. In short, we should not despair, trying to take advantage of the moments and opportunities to keep fit.

Sometimes it’s up to us to create the conditions so we can still train

Sometimes, we have to be the one who knows how to carve out these moments. Example? Set the alarm first. It is known that it is difficult to sleep, especially in the heat. The morning is often the most wonderful time to rest a lot. However, even getting up thirty minutes earlier than usual, rest may be rewarding, and perhaps going to bed earlier the night before. Give us time to do home exercises or run outside.

The opportunity to train is given by the staircase of the house. Instead of using the elevator, we learn to go up and down using steps. Without realizing it, we will be training several muscles, such as the quadriceps or buttocks. As well as the cardiovascular system. Better to do them twice at a time, hard. If we have a short time, we learn to walk quickly to work. Sometimes, even if we go out fifteen minutes earlier, we can avoid using public transportation and get to the place on foot. If we don’t want to sweat, this could be an option to come back.

Even if we have little time, 30 minutes a day can be enough to train and lose weight thanks to this precious table

Running from the office to the home may be an idea that many people take advantage of. Simply take the gearbox to the office, and when it’s time to head back, do it running, especially if we’re not in the Milan traffic. It can be a waste of time to take your children or grandchildren to camp and stand in a fixed place to watch their training. Let’s take advantage of that, and while they’re training, we can go for a jog or target workouts. Is a lunch break entirely necessary? Those who do smart work, for example, can devote this time to jogging and washing. Thus, we will also be less hungry, better activate the metabolism.

And if 30 minutes seems short to us, we should think we’d be wrong. The World Health Organization recommends physical activity at least 5 times a week for only 30 minutes. It’s not so much about duration as it is about the quality of what we do. It is important to diversify. For example, on Mondays we can have fun with fartlek, which leaves us free to improvise, improving our speed. Every Tuesday we do 30 minutes of slow refreshing running. Wednesday is the time to dedicate yourself to strength, and that is a little slow run for 5 or 10 minutes and then a series of squat jumps and some final sprints. Running slow on Thursday. But we wrap up Friday with a quick run. We start slowly, speed up after 10 minutes, then run another 5 or 10 as hard as we can and finish slowly for 5 minutes.


By following these tips, we can run even if it’s hot now, we don’t have any problems and train the right way

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