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Youtuber Sean W threw a ton of potential details into his latest YouTube video infinite aurainside a leak Which we can’t verify at the moment, and therefore should be considered a simple rumor, but interesting as you refer to it as well Campaign expansions and multiplayer From the 343 Industries game.

As you can see in the video on this page, the . file YouTuber Shawn W It references DLCs and expansions for both the single-player campaign (and co-op in the near future) and new multiplayer seasons, in vague but significant detail, if confirmed.

According to Sean W, expansions are being planned for the Halo Infinite campaign, something that has been suspected for some time but not announced by 343 Industries, so the question should be taken with caution: It will still be a long time to wait, considering that – again according to For the mysterious source in question – campaign DLC can arrive After 2024.

These will be new items from Date Written and directed by Joseph Staten, former head of Halo Infinite and Bungie, he’s basically the pivotal character who seems to have put the entire game back on its feet at 343 Industries. However, these additions are expected early, given that we are talking about beyond 2024.

As for the multiplayer expansions, the questionable leak provides brief details of the next four Seasons 3 to 6which will add new items in terms of weapons, styles (including Infection mode), vehicles and more weapons from the classic chapters and finally, in Season 6, a new non-Spartan core, as well as a brand new weapon.

In the meantime, we’ve seen that the co-op will undergo its first public tests in July.

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