Famous “Cancelled” Brand – Libero Quotidiano

It caused a wave of food recalls The meaning of the Ministry of Health, which first reported that the manufacturer recalled some batches of Aldi’s Natur Aktiv Bio Natura Medallion tofu with spinach for the “presence of Bacillus cereus”. As mentioned ilfattoalimentare.it, the notice notifying of withdrawal indicates that a toxin check is in progress. The product in question is sold in packages of 320 grams and belongs to part number 21170 with expiry 14/01/2023, 21166 with expiry 18/01/2023, 21079 with expiry 04/15/2023 and 22292 with expiry 09/14/ 2023.

Withdrawing milk from the supermarket where it was produced: Pay attention to this famous brand |  a look

So also remember a Batch of ground coffee Classic flair: the brand Juanito. Discontinuation due to exceeding ochratoxin A limit. / 04/2024.

In the end, A wave of withdrawals and stops in connection with the fish market. Withdrawals relate to all branded dried products Mama AfricaProducts sold in cellophane bags or in plastic trays. The discontinuation is due to the fact that the foods were produced “in an establishment that is not recognized and considered unsuitable for the meaning of Reg. 178/2002”. In detail, the recall of Mama Africa branded products relates to all batches and all expiration dates for dried catfish, sardines, broth fish, shrimp, lizard fish, tilapia, sorrel and umbrella. Dried fish products recalled Distributed by Alimenti del Mondo-Italia Srl. As always in these circumstances, the recommendation – as a precaution – is not to consume the products in question but to return them to the point of sale where they were purchased for an exchange or refund.

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