Find this postal book and get rich – that’s what it is

For several decades now, Poste Italiane has been a joint stock company that allows, in addition to providing the usual postal services, the management of one’s savings through various forms of instruments, more or less connected with banks, but usually at the lowest cost. The postal pamphlet is nothing “new”, since it was “invented” even in the second part of the nineteenth century (even if its true prevalence only found in the last century), but although it is not particularly “modern”, it is one of the most Commonly used forms of savings tools.

savings tools

This is because it is used mainly as a form of “baseline” for receiving a pension or salary (in the latter case it is necessary to contact the INPS to provide the linked IBAN), but also to “pool” one’s savings simply by going to any post office . Among the main amenities that make the postal brochure preferable over other similar forms, there is certainly ease of use and very low costs, even zero if we take into account those related to opening, closing and managing the brochure, which is mainly found in two “forms” are defined as ordinary and intelligent .

Find this postal book and get rich – that’s what it is

They can also be an unexpected source of income, since they are tools, similar to an account, even if they do not have an “expiration”, if they are not used and therefore are dealt with for 10 years, they are closed by the Italian Poste, not before they are “warned” owners of this situation. If the postal book sleepy Not moved by a predetermined date, which is now approaching (June 21), the ledger has been permanently closed, and the proportional amount has been allocated to the CONSAP Fund.

Some of these brochures can be found in Poste Italiane official websiteThey are also “rich” with money. If we know your owner may have forgotten that he owns one of these tools. In any case, it is possible to get the money back even after closing the brochure, by contacting CONSAP directly.

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