France’s elections and Macron do not have a majority. For Le Pen’s record of seggi-

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The second round of parliament renewal: The Speaker of the House of Representatives stands at 224 seats. 289 were needed. To judge now he has to look for allies in Parliament

Emmanuel Macron You did not get a majority in Parliament. Opinion polls released at 8 p.m. related to The second round of legislation In France they paint one A heavy defeat for the president. The band’s party that supports Macron would have stopped at 224 seats, well short of the required majority of 289 seats. Nobis, the left-wing cartel led by Jean-Luc Melenchon, has 149 representatives. Historic prosperity for Marine Le Pen who can send 89 parliamentarians to the National Assembly, a record: In the last legislature he had only 8 seats. For Republicans, former Gaullists, representation would reach 78 seats.

A week ago, the first round of renewing the National Assembly was decided face-to-face between the current president and his opponent from the President of the Republic. newbies (The new formation that brings together the radical left, ecologists and socialists): 25.75 for Macron, 25.66 for Melenchon. The two were split by just 21,400 votes.

If the count will confirm in the next few hours the picture drawn by the opinion polls, Ruling France will be a mystery. It is no coincidence that the new Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne commented on the findings, speaking of an unprecedented situation and risks to the country.

A few minutes after the first responses, the Elysee announced its willingness to seek alliances. On our side there is an outstretched hand To all those who want the country to continue, the government spokeswoman said. Olivia Gregoire.As well as the Minister of Finance Bruno Le Mer Talk about the need for compromise.

So Macron will have to seek a majority Alliance with other partiesBut which one? The contradiction between the programs of the current president and those of Melenchon is clear: Macron is an Atlantean, a liberal, an open supporter of the NATO line in Ukraine, in favor of nuclear energy; Melenchon theorized Paris’ exit from NATO and from corn, spurring an expansion of social spending and lowering the retirement age to 60. It is financed by higher taxes on wealth.

Help can come to the Elysee from the republicans, who had already sided with Macron in the presidential run-off. But party leader Christian Jacob Freeze Expectations: We remain in opposition His first words. In any case For Macron, coexistence is expected With other political forces, as already happened to Jack Chiracforced to accept socialist Lionel as prime minister Jospin between 1997 and 2002.

The first comment on the results came from Jordan BardellaPresident of the National Assembly of Marine Le Pen, who knew The response to the polls was a tsunami. Soon, the leader herself took the floor to announceA firm but responsible opposition from his party. On the governmental front, Budget Minister Gabriel Attal succinctly outlined expectations far from expectations. Jean-Luc’s first words were sarcastic Melenchon who is talking about Checkmate Electoral King of Macron.

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