Great indoor plants to fight the heat and for a cooler summer indoors

Over the past few days, the mercury plume has begun to show extremely high temperatures across Italy. Many are attracted to more use of air conditioners, but this isn’t always a great idea. On the one hand there is the environmental issue and the cost of bills that can go up. On the other hand, then, the problem is that this solution is almost always instantaneous and runs out very quickly.

Alternatively, there is another solution that is definitely more effective and sustainable. Let’s talk about wonderful indoor plants to beat the heat. Thanks to their presence, in fact, they can update the environment in which they are placed.

Sansevieria and bamboo palm

Sansevieria is one of the plants most loved by Italians, and therefore the most widespread, but perhaps they do not realize that this plant has a very high water content, which allows it to perfectly freshen the house. Since this plant survives well even in very sunny places, you can choose to place it directly in front of windows or French doors to increase its beneficial effect.

If we want to try to moisten the house a little, we should choose the bamboo palm. Indeed, it gives a very refreshing effect, as for sansevieria, it also tolerates direct sunlight well. Excellent, therefore, to place it near the sansevieria and create a green barrier against heat and theft.

Great indoor plants to fight the heat and for a cooler summer indoors

On the other hand, those who are distracted and afraid of not having a green thumb should choose a spider plant. In some parts of Italy it is known as the airplane plant and it is a plant that requires very little human maintenance. Unlike the two plants mentioned above, spider plant does not like direct sunlight and therefore must be protected.

Well suited for this last plant, perhaps with very large leaves. In fact, the larger and more numerous its leaves, the better the way this plant cools the house. The most important trick to keeping this plant healthy is constant watering.


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