Here’s the cheapest dream vacation destination for 2022, it’s in Asia and luxury costs nothing

Asia is the continent of surprises. The phenomenal economic growth of China and many other areas in recent years has proven that to us. Places like Singapore, Japan and South Korea have made us dream for a long time now. But what if we want to go on vacation to Asia?

The Asian continent, in addition to surprises, is also one of the most amazing beauties in the world. The archipelagos of Indonesia, the beaches of Thailand, and the jungles of Cambodia are gorgeous, and the list could be too long to fill an entire book. In short, going on vacation to Asia is worth it.

For many, the problem appears to be cost. On the other hand, the journey is long, and therefore very expensive. However, there is a way to make all of our holidays at the same cost as what we would have spent in Europe. A way to spend much less than we spend in Italy, Greece or Spain.

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The method is very simple: carefully follow the ratings and lists that combine the cheapest sites across Asia. They are often prepared thanks to very accurate indicators and data related to quality of life, cost of transportation and hospitality, fares for flights and long-distance vehicles and finally safety and services.

Almost all of these ratings agree that the cheapest countries to travel in Asia are: Vietnam, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. But the prices for Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines are also affordable. In short, there are a lot of options.

In some of these countries, dinner can cost as little as 7 euros, and a night as little as 10. They are exceptional prices, if you have a European salary. And we should not forget that they are places of inestimable beauty and culture. Which is worth seeing, no matter the cost, at least once in a lifetime.

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