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Labo Elkann After the failure of Garage Italia, it also hit rock bottom Italian Independent Group. Based on reports Truth and business Without a new number capital injection“,” Fate crac . has been flagged“.The company is listed on the stock exchange since 2013 and specializes in luxury eyewear. The newly approved balance sheet for 2021” shows a consolidated net loss of $24 million. We are at a record level equal to more than double our entire sales volume with revenue of 11.5 million. For every 100 euros of sales of Labo glasses, the company records a hole in excess of 200 euros. A loss that actually ends an ongoing erosion of revenue and a long chain of losses.”

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Lapo Elkann is owned by Venaria Reale 53% of the capital and “just returned from a long string of negative results. Between 2016 and 2020 alone, the cumulative balance sheet deficit was more than 44 million euros, to which is now added a record gap of 24 million. Revenues in 2015 reached a peak of 38 million, which unfortunately dropped to just over 11 million at the end of last year.” with the New budget gap The company is forced to “recapitalize for the umpteenth time, lest the books be taken to court”.

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