How to deduct school fees?

It’s tax return season, and many employees and retirees are required to file Form 730, available starting May 23. In this regard, let’s see together how to get Irpef compensation for school and university expenses through 730. Let’s see together how.

The employees Which retired must submit Model 730 by September 30th. Through the tax return form, it is possible to obtain compensation for various expenses, among which The school And the University students. Let’s see together how.

Form 730/2022: Deduction of School and University Expenses

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First of all, for you to take advantage of the refund School and university expenses deductible with the Model 730 It is necessary to a Payments Happened exclusively with Methods that can be trackedsuch as cards and debit cards, while if cash is used, you lose the right to redeem IRPEF.

L ‘Maximum deduction amount Regarding school expenses related to the 2021 tax period 800 EUR for each student.

Deductible costs are those incurred for recurrence IncubationAnd the schools from childhoodFrom Primary and middle schoolssubordinate High schooli.e. secondary schools, state and equal and for enrollment inUniversity or Specialization courses in public or private universities.

What are the deductible expenses?

The school

Among the deductible expenses in Model 730/2022 by Maximum 800 per studentall amounts related to:

  • registration and attendance fees;
  • Expenses related to the service of the school canteen;
  • donations and donations;
  • before and after school;
  • school trips
  • contributions to expand the training offer;
  • Help with the meal.

Regarding registration and related expenses governmental university courses Expenses incurred may be deducted in respect of:

  • Registration fees for three-year, masters and specialist courses, even in the case of students not enrolled in the course;
  • Career reunion
  • Registration fees for the graduation session and the issuance of the graduation certificate.
  • Attend individual courses, whether or not aimed at admission to a master’s degree course;
  • Registration in the entrance test (even if it is not followed by registration);
  • University Transfers
  • Track changes.

For university students, both inside and outside the course, it is also possible to take advantage of the discount from rent account.

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